First time post! Comments welcome!

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Normally I am chasing birds or Dragonboats so in my old age :-) I have decided to share my millions (it just feels like I have that many) vacation pics. Really love city streets and interesting architecture. Went to Italy and LOVED the people and sights and only wished I had more than one working lens (manual at that...) for the trip. (long story short, a stupid kid knocked my camera down and the AF failed so it would not recognize any of my lens, Only a Bower 35 1.4 Manual focus lens was my companion for the rest of the trip...)
Composure is not my forte but my wife and friends think they are nice. Lets here from the more experienced photogs out there and I welcome critique and have a thick skin!


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The only one I don't care for is the beach image -- the first and last are neat street scenes. I really like your shot from the boat -- amazing scale!

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Hi Lethal_weapon

An excellent variety of pics there, #1 captures Italy in 1 photo, scooters, chic clothing, folks waving arms etc. :

I like the water texture in #2, the foreshortening adds a certain surreal feel to the pic.

#3 is just stunning!!! - Definitely a 'wall-hanger', preferably on a very large wall to see all the detail you captured

#4 is also beautiful, the balance between the light and dark areas, along with the architecture, is superb - I'm really intrigued by the architecture above the 'Stefania' shop in the background, the balcony-railings and pots/vases looks amazing

Bill Gass
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Love the 3rd one.

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Very nicely done!!

Poff Photo
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I like them! Now I want to go to Italy!

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I agree the third one is stunning. Is that Positano?

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I agree the third one is stunning. Is that Positano?
Yes it is !
Thats where the stupid kid knocked my camera down....:-P
Thanks Everyone, gives me hope for some other form of Photography besides sports and birds!

More to I said....millions of vacation pics...

aka lethal Weapon

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Great variety, really enjoyed each one, but the 1st one is my favourite lots to look at within this frame. Thanks for sharing!

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Move over, guys, and let ben in, these are really sweet. Tell us, would it have made any diffence in the guality of these images, if you had all your gear working? I think not. The surf does it for me, great patterns.


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This is a really nice picture, but why black and white? and specific reason?