Ecuador IV

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Predaceous shield bug spearing a caterpillar:

Zebra treehopper:
Was way too dark so I had to boost in post so it looks a little odd.

Micrathena "offgassing":
This was actually a UV shot in which it moved and so the outline appears blurred.

Gonyleptid harvestman:
For every properly taken UV shot I probably have 10 where the subject moved and it looks like the above.

Female Dobsonfly:

Fraser's anole (Anolis fraseri):

Moulting harvestman:

Glass frog:

Thanks for looking and commenting,

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great set and variety paul!

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Wonderful series - love that frog
what sort of exposure times do you have to use for the UV shots ?

Brian V.

michael kilner
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Thanks guys for the comments!

Brian- At ISO 100 it's about 30sec but I can get it down to 15 sec if using ISO 400. It also depends on the intensity of the UV flashlight that you're using. It's also possible to have a shorter time if you use an extremely short flash burst 1/64 or 1/128 to light up the background and have the fluorescent overlay.

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Beautiful series!