Dutch Autumn 2

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It was raining around noon but at 2ish it started to clear so I went for a bike ride and brought my gear along.
Pretty soon the sun disappeared again but it didn't rain, it was just overcast.
I went to a place I had never been and was planning on making some snapshots for a day with better conditions.
But as per usual, snapshots turned into some extra effort, a few handheld pano shots.
I made it home just before dark and I had just turned the kettle on with my backpack still on my back when the rain started again.
The result looks a bit off colorwise, but it's actually not far from what I saw, pale yellows, a blue tint.

An 8 shot pano :


C&C welcome

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I like it - it's a very serene spot, well captured.


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Okay... so what kettle did you turn with your backpack? That isn't making sense to me... you carried a kettle? You were backpacking?

Okay... to your shot. I like the essence of what you got here. What hurts the shot is the sky. The sky isn't blown out, but the gray sky still hurts the shot. So what I would suggest is a bit of a crop. I would crop down from the top to lose the sky on the right side of the shot. And then I would crop in from the left to lose the remainder of the sky on the left side. I think the shot's appeal increases dramatically with that cropping.


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Thanks Phil

Jim, you missed the bit where I say I got home
I put my bike in the shed, unlocked the door to my house, grabbed the kettle, filled it with water, put it on the stove, looked outside : Rain.
No backpacking for me, did that a full year last year, I'm done
I did some cropping, took a bit off the top too. Thanks for the suggestions
New version :