Sedge Wren

Greg Lavaty
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I shot this little guy while showing someone around down in Brazoria County, TX last Friday. The Sedge Wrens have arrived in numbers and gave us a nice show in the morning light.

and one of the way I typically see them

Thanks for looking!

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Lovely shots and amazing light!


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Good series Greg. I like the environmental inclusion here.

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Lovely set Greg.

Rob Tillyer
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Nice job Greg.


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Well done Greg ~ Ron

Conrad Tan
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#3 for me

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sweet stuff Greg.. #3 for me also

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Beautiful images with pleasing lighting. 2 and 3 are my favorites.

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Lovely light on all. The are the noisy species Greg ?

David Leask
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Beautiful shots of these wee ones Greg,

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Lovely, gorgeous light and #3 is tops for me for the typical Wren pose.

Greg Lavaty
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Thanks very much for the feedback everyone. It was fun seeing these little birds. They arenít noisy like the Carolina Wren but they can be pretty vocal with their little clicking sounds.


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The first 2 for me


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Lovely shots, nice light.

Tim Kuhn
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A very nice set of a bird we don't see on this forum too often. Well done!