Bryce - Early morning far and wide

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Here are some sunrise pics taken this summer at Bryce Canyon NP. A couple taken wide and a couple of telephotos with the 500mm. What an incredible place!

Henry W
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You have captured a super variety of views that represent the area well.
It is impossible to choose a fav.

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Good to see Bryce, the last is my favorite...

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nice ones !

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#2 for me stands out the most.

Lots of natural light caught here and plenty of detail and colour.

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Wonderful images, Dave. You certainly received the gift of light on these. #3 is my top choice. I love how the shape of the trees along side of the rock formations provide a companion like relationship.

How hot was it when you were there in the summer? Did you need to do much hiking to get to these locales?


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#2 but of course, even if one may have seen it hundreds of times.

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Thanks for all the comments - all appreciated.

Ed - I was there only a couple of days the 3rd week in August. The weather was mostly stormy with mornings in 40-50's and afternoon in 60's. There are some nice trails among the hoo-doos but those shots were park and shoot!


gordon l
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Nice set. I'd like to take a supertelephoto lens there and see things up close.