Ruby Crowned Kinglet and wacky WB

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As the Sun set in the forest preserve, the last rays hit this RCK thru the red leaves. No matter how I try to manipulate the WB, it seems different everytime ! This one still is red biased ?

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Looks nice to me Shreeni, but maybe a tad bit over sharpened ~ Ron

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Thanks Ron. I just went back to the setting and noticed that the USM radius is set to 1.5 instead of my usual 0.5

Greg Lavaty
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That evening lighting can be tough. I think the WB looks a little off but not too bad. I donít know if you have the pixels left for it but it might be worth cropping it a little tighter and making the image a bit darker.

Tim Kuhn
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At least you caught him setting still Shreeni, these guys can drive you nuts I'll second the tighter crop suggestion.


Charlie Shugart
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I'll leave the technical talk to those who know what they're talking about.
The Peanut Gallery thinks this is a swell picture.

Conrad Tan
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Nice catch!

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Nice one, Shreeni.
I think the pose makes it cool that there is lots of space above him.
A vertical crop could exaggerate it even more.

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a lovely shot Shreeni

Ted ellis
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Shreeni , a very nice capture.

The background, the light, the exposure, the bird, post one on this board gets it right all the time.

You are doing just fine


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Congrats on capturing this small and cute bird, Shreeni

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Thank you Greg, Tim, Conrad, Chris, Kenny, Ted & Socrate.

This is an alternate crop and WB