Ice Crystals

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These ice crystals formed on the ceiling of an old freezer building. I had a chance to walk and photograph some of the floors this past weekend. Soon all the ice will melt, these wonderful crystals gone forever.

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cool set.

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Strikingly beautiful, and well-photographed.

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Wonderful captures of these beautiful ice crystals !
Brian v.

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Very nice set!


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Gorgeous subject matter. Well captured! The first is my pick.

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What is your setup for these shots? Interested in doing ice myself, very nicely done!

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I first tried with my 70-200 and extension rings but noticed the images were blurred due to movement (or I forgot to turn off the IS). I ended up using a 100mm macro, IS off. Since the site required me to extend the tripod center post I used Live View to lock up the mirror, x10 focus and the 10 second timer. My remote shutter release was acting up so I used the cameras shutter button. Even with the carbon tripod it still took 6 -7 seconds before the shake settled down after I manually pressed the shutter.

Lighting was ambient, 3.2 seconds, F22, ISO 400, Canon 1D Mk X, Canon 100 mm Macro. Custom White Balance using an Expo Disc.

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odd... I didn't realize Superman allowed visitors into his Fortress of Solitude.

nice pics!