Do you use an iPad in your photography biz?

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If so, what do you do with it.

I can see it as an easy way to carry around your portfolio, and accepting payments with Square, if you do events or such.

Thanks for reading.

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No, but being able to see over the walls of Apple's walled garden, I use a tablet.

Portfolio, basically.

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Yep for a number of reasons. Portfolio, shooting apps for location work to know sun position at specific times, property and model releases, maps and google earth views so I can view the locations before I get there. Email my clients, they email me, proofing when clients don't have a web connection, note taking on walk throughs or proofing.

Yeah so I use it daily.

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I use my iPad quite a bit in the field. I've used it to move images from camera to clients (via email) if they need to the stuff in a hurry. I've also used it to move images from press events to Newspapers and Social Media Outlets.
Once you get the work flow figured out you can move images easily.

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Yes- for almost every shoot.

1. As a second screen showing near live tethered previews from lightroom to my clients as we shoot. It's much more convenient to pass them the ipad then have them get up to take a look at the computer. For this I use the AirDisplay app. I also use this for product shoots or on location shoots with an eyefi card pushing previews to the ipad. Saves me a lot of time when I can see my mistakes instantly.

2. Credit card reader/register to accept payments. For this I use the Square app.


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Thanks for stopping by, guys! Good info.

Joe - PM sent.

Micky Bill
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I was in NYC recently doing a job that was a corporate street event. I shot to an eye fi card that sent the image to the iPad where my assistant and client could make picks of images to upload to the clients was sure weird to have the job finished before I was all packed up and in the cab.

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I use iPads to sell photos at events. The photos for various classes are transferred wirelessly to the iPads, the customer fills out a paper order form (this allows for personal interaction with them, upgrading packages, etc.). Sales have doubled at some events that I have shot for several years, since I started using iPads to sell.

Most importantly, the feedback from my customers has been amazing, they love seeing "their" photos on iPads!

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I use a Nexus tablet along with an Eye-Fi card. It works brilliantly and allows me to show proofs to clients in seconds. I shoot raws to my 5D3's cf card and med jpegs to the Eye-Fi for speedy transfer with enough resolution for location proofing.

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I use iPads for multiple reasons. First I use them as organization devices for customer or fan contact. Second, I use them as marketing devices for potential customers. Third, I use them as a mobile editing station when I don't have anything else. This includes Eye-Fi use as well as quick edits that need to go out immediately.

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Lately I've been using photoshop touch and trying to incorporate it more into a blogging machine. nothing is worse than a dead blog.

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Does one need a modem to setup a network to use with an EyeFi card to an iPad? Or does the EyeFi just send a signal to the iPad independently?

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If there is no network that is registered with the Eye Fi, it will work in Direct mode straight from card to laptop/phone/tablet. It works pretty well.

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always been curious about the Eye Fi cards... Once I finally got a SD camera, Leica M8/M9, I found out it didn't support it. Oh well...

I don't "own" an iPad anymore but I do use there functionality. Capture One's Capture Pilot is very handy.

Like some others mentioned, I also use Square but I simply use my iPhone. This beats carrying around another device to me. I'm pretty simple. I love the "flash, whiz, bang" of the iPad but I just don't see myself owning one long term when nearly everyone around me has one.

Sid Ceaser
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Dennis, I use mine for pretty much what you said; as a portfolio to show to prospective clients and to use it with Square for transactions.

A smartphone is too small to do transactions on, IMHO. They are okay for emergency transactions, but the iPad is fantastic for credit cards.

It is also great as I can use it as a calendar and for basic management stuff.


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I use it as a portfolio and sales tool... I don't have a studio or designated sales office, so I most often go to people's homes for the sales meeting after a portrait session.
I can hook the iPad up to any TV with an HDMI input, play a slideshow, then go back through flagging images and ultimately taking their order directly in the Portfolio app.
Then if they need to pay by credit, I can run that via Square.

Doing my sales sessions this way has basically quadrupled my average sale, so my iPad has definitely paid for itself a few times over.