Kenya- Giving you the really big bird

Charlie Shugart
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1. "Mmmm- nice dining."
2. "What's that I hear?"
3. "Sounds like a loud cluck."
4. "Cluck, cluck!"
Believe it- these guys and gals are really big clucks!

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And a drum stick will last you a week. More fun shots Charlie ~ Ron

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That is such a goofy bird!
Great shots

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Ron may be a leg man yet I'm a brest man and those brests will last you a month!

Great work Charlie. A bit higher ASA film than usual?


Charlie Shugart
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Thanks Ron, Mic and Morris.
Well, I've eaten ostrich meat (they're farmed in some places in the US because the meat is so fat-free) and it tasted crappy. It may have been the lousy cook, though.
Normal film at the time, Morris- Kodachrome 64.

Conrad Tan
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Man thems big old burds

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Adding some colour to the post - they make a deep booming sound that can be confused with lion call - not a great sound to hear on foot in the bush - the meat is very popular in Europe where it is sold as cholesterol free meat - it makes great jerky (biltong) not as good as beef though, extensively farmed here in SA in the Karoo region (semi desert) skin is used for handbag and shoes manufacture, popular as "watch dogs" as they are very territorial and males will attack any intruder, they kick forward and have a nasty spur. Mate for life.

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nice job on the birds Charlie