The simple things

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One more from the Berkeley hills. Too much empty sky? C&C welcome. - edit - I substituted a sharpened version.


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I think it's fine and with the moon balancing the tree it makes for a nice graphic image which is very relaxing to look at.


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Hey Phil,

It's pretty good looking I think. It does need a bit more sharpening though.


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I like it too. The neg space is balanced with the moon in the corner.
Like Jim said, a bit more sharpening?

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Very nice. I like simple.

Charlie Shugart
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A beautiful image, Phil.
Assuming the moon was setting instead of rising, my feeling is that waiting until it was lower in the sky might have improved the balance. Of course, you might have lost that delicious and soft light .

Upon further consideration- I probably think that because I have to scroll to see it. In a print- the balance might be perfect to me.

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Thanks all - Phil

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Love the simplicity of this shot, Phil. Soft hues blend in quite nicely to this serene looking image.