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Ctenid portrait:

Nursery web spider:
Interestingly these spiders build their webs on the undersides of leaves with small holes. They feel the vibrations in the leaf and peek out, extending their long legs outwards. When prey comes by they snatch at it. Conversely if they sense a predator larger than themselves they will retreat back through the hole.


Leafcutter with moss frond:

Camouflaged moth:

Stick insect under UV:

Ceratopogonid midge at 9X:
Stacked the Raynox 302 with mpe at full mag to get this parasitic midge:

Trap jaw ant at 9X:
Extremely thin DOF meant even this tiny ant was partially OOF

Dead leaf katydid (Pycnopalpa bicordata):
One of the more impressive Pseudophyllinae displaying elaborate camouflage in the form of holes, false fungi and browning leaf tips.

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great variety paul.
very interesting subjects.

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Excellent set, too many good ones to pick a favorite!

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Lovely series- the camouflage on the last cricket ? is amazing
Brian v.

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excellent work

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Great photos, love the ant.

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Thanks for the comments everyone, very appreciated as always!

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Nice shots, #3 is excellent