More Rust

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Both have their shortcomings.
Which would you chose?
Further processing suggestions?
First is a processed uncropped image.
Second is a processed image, with crop from the right. Some vertical perspective distortion correction applied.


ben egbert
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I prefer the 2nd crop with more headroom above the cab. I wish that concret block was not there.

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Although I normally don't comment much on rusting vehicles, I do rather like the color, especially the first.

Bob Jarman
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Yes, delightful colors - now were these in Syracuse I'd guess they were new vehicles last year


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My friend and I headed out to Berlin NY, near the Mass border and at the edge of the Berkshires. He had previously spotted a large field with rusted and decaying heavy equipment. Along the way we stopped at vegetable farm, checked out the directions, and took up the suggestion to add a stop along our route. The previously posted Mack truck variations are from the Berlin destination. The images above are from our detour.
For some hard to fathom reason, someone has been collecting hundreds (!!) of old rusted vehicles in a large field. Much color and texture to choose to shoot, but unfortunately he wasnt thinking photographically. Most of the rusted vehicles were a few feet apart from each other in many, many rows across a field and up a hillside. We spent about 30 minutes there before heading to Berlin.
Anyhow, for those who like rust and decay (c'est moi), it was a visual feast.


As for the two images, I like the color and POV more in the first, but its so darn cramped.
The color in the second should be very close to the first. I started processing it by pasting the develop settings from the first.
Curious what works best.
Thanks Ben, Karen, Bob for your input.