Ox Bow Cliché

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Matt Anderson
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I'm not sure if you recognize this place ? It's located in the heart of New Jersey. No really, it is. A hidden gem that only locals know about ....

I was lucky enough to get a vantage point that isn't very common . A kind tourist let me climb up top his rather mammoth RV and re-position it for the perfect view. Our teamwork framed the mountains betwixt the near foreground sage brush along the shoreline and the far grove of aspens for an exemplary (I hope) layering of warm and cool elements. I stayed in a cabin near mormon row (popular barns) for days. It wasn't until the fourth day when the smoke from the many fires in the area finally dissipated, and the obscured pinnacles of wonder appeared.

I posted a "biggin" for you pixel junkies...
Photo Information:
Nikon D800E & 70-200mm AFS VRII
92mm f/16 CPL

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Wow! Awesome shot, Matt.


Jonathan Huynh
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Fantastic shot

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wow stunning!

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Super shot Matt!

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cliche but awesome!! Absolutely love it...

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Amazing shot! The colors are just terrific.


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This is wonderful! What a beauty.


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Wow nice angle on this icon Matt

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Never tire of wonderful shots of my favorite place!!

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That's a real beauty Matt, very nicely done!


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I love this Matt! The colorful trees in the foreground with the mystic Tetons in the back make this a gorgeous image. I hope you plan on framing this!


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Beautiful shot. Wonderful. Wish I had some cliches.
I have been there to enjoy the view of the Tetons, but it never looked like that!

I'll be heading up the turnpike soon. Which rest stop is it?

Henry W
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Wait.... I'm confused. Is it really New Jersey? Because I live right next to New Jersey and I have for sure never seen that lol

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Fantastic shot!

Bruce n Philly
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Wow! Fantastic

I know that place.... right behind you is a WaWa and a Rita's Water Ice...


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Hey Matt,

Super sweet! I think I went for a very similar shot about 2 years ago, only thing was I didn't have an RV to stand on top of. That really makes a difference.


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Wow!! Awesome shot!

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One of the most striking presentations of this cliché that I've seen. Gorgeous.

Now, print a giant cliché print (or is it gicleé?) and get that stunner hung!

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