WA 524 vote closed

Fred Miranda
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Thanks to everyone who participated in the WA 524! (Theme 'Fire hydrants')

Voting for this assignment is closed.
Congratulations to the top 5 winners! Thanks for being a part of the Weekly Assignments.

 Final vote status 

Votes result
bryanlindsey, Upon closer inspection...PollPollPoll32%
rjs14, No parking zonePollPollPoll54%
Bert DeMars, Buy me a drink ... (NSFW)PollPollPoll43%
robertjm, The Cat's MeowPollPollPoll43%
loudelon, Tree with hydrantPollPollPoll54%
gregfountain, Monitoring the SituationPollPollPoll1915%
Tom Harpstead, Peeling PaintPollPollPoll43%
CDalessandro, Yellow and Red protectorPollPollPoll97%
normsmith, Don't You Dare lift that legPollPollPoll32%
Rick Joyce, First SnowPollPollPoll2419%
oldrattler, WhoaPollPollPoll3326%
kevinsullivan, Fire Hydrant, with Webs and GirlPollPollPoll43%
douter, Fire Hydrant GraveyardPollPollPoll97%
Total Votes126100%

« Upon closer inspection... »
by bryanlindsey
3 votes

« No parking zone »
by rjs14
5 votes

« Buy me a drink ... (NSFW) »
by Bert DeMars
4 votes

« The Cat's Meow »
by robertjm
4 votes

« Tree with hydrant »
by loudelon
5 votes

« Monitoring the Situation »
by gregfountain
19 votes

« Peeling Paint »
by Tom Harpstead
4 votes

« Yellow and Red protector »
by CDalessandro
9 votes

« Don't You Dare lift that leg »
by normsmith
3 votes

« First Snow »
by Rick Joyce
24 votes

« Whoa »
by oldrattler
33 votes

« Fire Hydrant, with Webs and Girl »
by kevinsullivan
4 votes

« Fire Hydrant Graveyard »
by douter
9 votes