D4 Exposure bar

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I couldn't find anything in the menu, googled a bit but I can't find the answer & it is usually less painful asking here

Question: Can you put the exposure bar in viewfinder down the bottom rather than on the right side? I have trouble seeing it on the right, is it on the right with the D3?



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I THINK it's called a meter...and on the D4/D3s/D3/D2x etc, it's always fixed on the right.....i looked through the manual as well, and i couldn't find any "virtual meter" that like overlays over the viewfinder...so i'm 99% sure it's fixed on the right....

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dang, I guess I am shooting more in Aperture with auto iso with good results & manual focus with tripod so I can see it on top, just feels like I have less control. I am not use to looking far right to see it

Maybe my DK-17M + DK-19 helps block it too


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Yeah, you have to get use to it on the right. I just got a D3 and it took a little time to get use to.

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Isn't the DK-17M a magnifier ? That would definitely help put the side bits out of your standard viewing angle.

The pro cameras - Canon and Nikon - seem to have the exposure indicator(s) on the right and the cheaper cameras seem to mostly go for the bottom.

- Alan