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Series of shots of a cranefly, all focus stacked using zerene stacker. I did cheat a bit by trapping the cranefly with a glass and card, putting in a leaf and waiting for a while for the cranefly to settle. First tried shooting outside but the wind was moving the bug around so ended up doing a "model" shoot in the kitchen before releasing it back outside.

5Dmk2/MPE-65/430Ex flash.

Brian v.

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These are awesome shots. I can't decide which I like better.

The more I see of some of the details of the beautiful creatures posted here on the FM forums the more I think that man, even with a good understanding of biology, would be hard pressed to design anything as efficient and functional as God's simplest creatures.

I want to than not only you, but all the fine photographers who post their amazing works here for all of us to enjoy.

michael kilner
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excellent esp like the last shot

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great set brian.the last 2 for me.great eye detail

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great series Brian like #4 best

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Thanks everybody for the comments
Brian v.

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#2 and #4 are very nice, for me