What are your changes from the factory default settings in the D600

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I know every photographer is different in what they shoot, where they shoot it, and how they shoot it. What I was wondering is what changes to you make to your D600 when you first turn it on and start test firing?

I have changed about 15 different options inside the menus to try and get the images to where they need very little editing once they are downloaded.

Just curious, thanks!

dj dunzie
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I find the standard PC settings with default sharpening and saturation are pretty conservative in comparison to the D3/D700/D3S and even moreso the more consumer bodies... do you?

I generally shoot my D3S and D700 with standard PC, sharpening at 5-6, and saturation neutral, however with the D600 I'm finding it's a little more natural looking so for sports use I've set it up at 7 sharpening and +1 saturation.

What have you changed specifically?

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I have shot my last 2 sessions with "Standard." I bumped sharpening to 7, +1 contrast, +1 Saturation. Active D-lighting to Off, Image Quality to Raw, Auto White Balance +1M which is one tick down from the middle. It helps take that greenish tint out. Most of the time I shoot in custom white balance anyways, but just in case I shoot in Auto WB, it's ready to go. Reversed the meter inside to viewfinder to have overexposed to the left of middle. So far, I am having to edit a lot more compared to my D700, but I also understand there are tweaks that I will be learning and adapting to every day. Shooting a wedding with the 600 tomorrow, but it will serve as a backup and not the main. Not going to trust it straight out of the gate quite yet.

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AF-assist off
expose on focus, both MF and AF
AF on AF-on
AF-on on grip on AF
center 4-way selector on zoom in and center focus point
fn button potmetering
other frontbutton LV
Ae/AFL flash off.