Little Corona Beach, CA with Jim

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From the Carolina coast one week, to the CA coast the next.

Had a chance to meet up with Jim Fox at one of his regular hangouts.Special thanks to you, Jim. Appreciate you sharing your special spot with me last month. Hope we'll get a chance to do it again.

Would like to see how your star shots came out.

Here are a few from Little Corona Beach.

Cheers, All.


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Really like #3.

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Great, great images.

Klaus Priebe
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Pretty killer set here Ed.
The first and third images really rock. The splash on the first with the sunlight hitting it is wonderful.

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Really like #4... it looks like it is on a different planet ...

Steve Perry
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All sweet shots - really like #1

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Wonderful set. 1and 4 are my top picks.

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Hey Ed,

It was great to hang out with you, hopefully we can do it again. You really nailed these shots, its hard to pick favorites as the are all really sweet. #1 is probably my favorite, you captured that wave splash so nicely, but each shot is so cool. Being able to capture that crescent moon was such a great blessing too!


Nancy Asquith
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These are stunners, especially 1 and 2!


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Wow, I like all of these!
I think the same moon is out there right now..

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Wow, some really fine work here. Number 1 is very cool.

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Thanks for the kind feedback on these. If you get out that way, be sure to go visit this place.


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Very nice stuff indeed, Ed. 1st and 3rd are my faves.
How did you put up with Jim for a whole evening??