2012 HS Volleyball - Pomona at Ralston Valley

Carl Auer
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These were all with the 7D and 120-300 2.8. This was Ralston Valleys Pink for a Cure night, thus the pink tint to my logo







7. A little soft on this one, but I love her facial expression here


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nice set, the 120-300 2.8 is pretty good

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Very nice set, your timing looks right on the money.


Robert Way
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Love these, Carl....

I may have to take a serious look at the Sigma 120-300. I have been shooting Volleyball up here in Interior Alaska and am frustrated at times with my timing, the gyms lighting, lack of sharpness, noise from my 7D, etc. I know Volleyball is a tough sport to shoot and looking at your images gives me hope.


Carl Auer
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Ahhh, North Pole, can not count the times I went to Santa Claus House....grew up in Fairbanks and my brother still lives there. I actually did not plan on using my 120-300 much. The gym is really small and I was planning on using my 70-200 on my 7D and my 85 1.8 on my 1D MKII, but I left my 85 at home DOH

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Great pics! My daughter plays volleyball but with my T2i and 70-200 F4 I have a hard time getting good shots. I really need to upgrade one of these days.