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Wild horses populate some of the barrier islands of North Carolina.

Last month, via boat, I passed next to Shackelford Island, and was able to photograph one of these legends standing along the beach next to his skimmer friends.

A few hours earlier from the porch of our beach rental, I was able to capture an intense rainbow out at sea.

Both of these shots were rather impromptu type opportunities.

Wasn't real excited with the foreground of the first. Wasn't that crazy about the sky in the horse shot.

Yesterday I decided to borrow the rainbow sky, and blend it with the horse shot.

Here are the original images, along with the combined result.

I do think the result has more appeal than the original. Is this an acceptable practice in landscape photography? Is it excessive creativity?

Curious to know your thoughts.

Cheers. All.

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Hey Ed,

Actually the first one looks good as it is, just snip a bit off the bottom to lose that bottom patch of grass. Your combined shot looks great. In terms of what's acceptable, pretty much we in here have followed the "as long as you declare the combining of shots" it's fine. Where people draw ethical lines is when it's not declared and it is passed off by the poster as a totally real moment in time.

You did good on it, and I think if you printed it, and hung it up, thst one photo would bring back 2 great memories for you.