Autumn Sunrise on the South Downs

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Have not had much time for photography as it is my busy season unfortunately, and this year we seem busier than ever, which is great finance wise, but poor photographic wise

This was taken last sunday morn, about 8 miles east of home. I had planned another location, but it wasnt going to work out, so headed for some old chalk workings.
taken on my new to me second hand 5dmk2, so as i can learn the camera before i head to the US at the end of the month. coupled with the Zeiss contax 28mm.

thanks for looking,


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Definitely caught some amazing light here, Simon. Really like the soft pastel colors in the skies contrasted with the vivid colors in the hillside.

Where are you headed in the US? PM me the details.


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Beautiful image Simon.
You did a great job with some lovely and tricky light


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Lovely misty light, Simon. Nice work.