Where to print business cards?

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I've been meaning to print business cards since I started learning photography 2 years ago but I didn't want to do it until I've set up a portfolio site at least to put on the card. And now that I've just made one last week, I can have business cards printed.

Here's the sample I want to make:


I used vistaprint.com to make the example but they don't have the option to make rounded corners. And if its possible for the front side, is there a business card printer site that can make the photo part glossy and the white parts matte? I've seen some business cards that have certain parts, like the lettering, shiny and the rest of the card matte.

As for the back of the card, would it be a good idea to just leave it blank to keep it simple? Or use a photo from my portfolio for the back part?

If it is a better idea to have a picture on the back of the card, here are some photos I've been thinking of using for it, which one do you guys think would be the best one to use?


One last question...what would be better, matte or glossy?

I hope its not too much but I don't really want to print 1000 cards only to realize that I could have made it better with the options I want somewhere else.

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You want Spot UV. Look up overnightprints.com as they have free spot UV.Really a good value. Rounded edge is not an option unless it is new. For that take a look at uprinting.com. I don't think they offer the spot UV. Both are very low cost and do a good job. Sorry I only know wholesale printers doing rounded edges and spot UV and they make you qualify to order.
I really like a matte or semi gloss coating.

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I decided to check out overnightprints.com, they do spot UV and round corners! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction jefferies1. I'm gonna print 500 cards for now, with shipping and tax, it comes to about $54.

With vistaprint for 500 cards, its $47 but with no spot UV or rounded edges.

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Taemobig next time contact me I own a graphic design and photography studio in signal hill, I probably can give you the same or better price. Contact@rawpixelmedia.com. I'm can print 1000 glossy 16pt cards for $27. I'm capable of printing card as you stated above.

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moo.com was also listed as a good choice of creative business cards. You can do rounded corners and you can design your own using their website. See if that helps.

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I use this guys for years now without any problem,cards are nice and thik and paper is glossy


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If I were a bit earlier I would have suggest PrintPlace, great printer, excellent quality for a price. I think they offer round corners and spot UV as well. Their business cards are of extremely high-quality, your 1000 cards will surely not put to waste.


Monkey Falls
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I use UPrinting.com.


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It seems like it's too late to chime in here, but I've used overnightprints.com for a few years and do not recommend their UV coating for photos, if at all. For text it might be okay, but it leaves this wrinkly semi-gloss finish that I don't care for. Otherwise, the cards are great and I always go for the rounded corners.

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I like your design it's impressing and i am also doing design on webpage templates and i think this acceptprint also another good business card provider with huge advantages for all, simply they provides most effective business cards. Which are also good for making business success, i think.

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Personally I've used Moo.com and Overnightprints.com

Moo is pricey but well worth it. Though it seems to have reached the point of everyone having a moo card. But so what, everyone has a canon or a nikon. Just because it's popular just means it's good.

Overnightprints has a great product. Quality paper and great prices. I would advise against their rounded corners though. I tried them once and they were terrible.

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Two things I'm looking for in a business card printing company.

1. Embossed or raised lettering, not just printed. Lettering that you can actually touch and feel.

2. Shipping to APO or internationally.

If anyone knows of a company that does both of these please let me know.

Much appreciated.



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I second Vista Print. Very cheap, fast shipping, & good quality business cards. I've never had spam or unauthorized charges, so I don't know what that other guy is referring to.

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Thankfully I have a friend who is the lead manager of a local printing company. We used a super thick paper which has a matte quality on the ink but the white is glossy. It's really nice

Link to mine: https://scontent-b-lga.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-frc3/t1.0-9/1003688_10104741659583074_1381392127_n.jpg

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I have had best success with gotprint.com
They are always timely and the colors are spot on as is the quality. I know when I place the order , that I will receive a good product. Also their prices are good.

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PerlaD300 wrote:
moo.com was also listed as a good choice of creative business cards. You can do rounded corners and you can design your own using their website. See if that helps.

I can't believe more people aren't suggesting moo! The quality of their cards is amazing! I've ordered from them a couple times and been very happy every time! Keep an eyeout too, every 2-3 months they have a sale off all their printed items.

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I can personally say that Vistaprint has added unauthorized charges to our order.

It was for a "Shopping Service". And it was a monthly charge. We noticed it after two months.

Since then I've discovered that's their most common fraud. Steer clear of Vistaprint.

I like that the first guy who "highly recomended" them has only one post. He created the account to say they were great. Hmmm...

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Overnight Prints, as has been said, has been a good option.

Dustin Gent
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I have had mine printed LOCALLY and have been happy

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I used vistaprint; but designed it in photoshop. Will probably have next batch printed locally.

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