Sedona Shooting

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I am planning on visiting Sedona for one day, and have heard of a few good spots, the Red Rock Crossing and Cresent Moon Ranch, I want the classic reflection/creek shot. Not much of a hiker and will be with the family. Any suggestion? I heard the Red Rock Crossing place closes at 5?


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Its been several years since I have been there but the entire area is beautiful and very photogenic. If you are not into hiking so much, take the family on a jeep tour. They are a blast and will bring you to some great areas. Pink Jeep was one of the ones we went on and really enjoyed it. We also took a ride with some older gentleman with his ancient jeep who took us to places that were more off the main stream maps. He was excellent. Sorry though, cant remember his name.
Have a great trip. I'd love to go back some day.

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The Crescent Moon Ranch/Red Rock Crossing closes after the sunset. Try to be there at least two hours before the sunset to enjoy the area and to find a good spot. It has picnic tables, restrooms and such.

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My Google Maps Sedona Places for photographers. Have a great trip!

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If you are driving a high clearance vehicle or 4WD, take the exit for Schnebly Hill Road off of I-17 and drive west. The first 6 miles are through a pine forest and then the road drops over the edge and travels down through the red rocks. You are up close to them, not much hiking involved. Good views from the top and the Cow Pies formation about halfway down the road is a good place for easy hiking. The road ends in downtown Sedona. Its rough but going downhill is not too bad. A Forest Service permit is required for the Red Rocks area but is also good for areas along Oak Creek Canyon. Enjoy.

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I you are up for a bit of a different look to Cathedral Rock go to the other side around 8 pm approach from the Back-o-beyond road - an easy hike with flash lights to the start of the slick rock and try a night shot - I just did this last week it was very pleasant and a lot of fun and the shot came out ok too