How The Other Half Live...

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How the other half live... Kolkata. Here's a few from this morning. Comments welcome.

1. 1.jpg

2. 3.jpg

3. 6.jpg

4. 8.jpg

5. 10.jpg

6. 11.jpg

7. 21.jpg

8. 19.jpg

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Steady Hand
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Howdy Liam.

Excellent series....I enjoyed each one.

Well done!

Also I can't help but think: "I wish I could travel with Liam to all those places he visits!"

Images 8 and 9 are among my favorites from this nice set.

I like the color shown too..and the dirt...and the humor (Bollywood Sucks)...and the expressions you captured too.

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I to wish I would travel to far off lands and do my best at taking shots like these. They really do make you stop and think about the things that you have and where you live.

Very well shot.

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Nice shots, I especially liked 2 and 6, the children seem happy even though they may be poor.

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Very interesting, Liam, thanks!

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very nice ... I do too wish that I can travel with you to these places ...

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Wow - 9 is just beautiful (sad at the same time).

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Excellent series. The gentlemen in #1 look quite stern.

Bruce Sawle
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These are very well done. 9 is stunning.

Jim Rickards
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Excellent work and interesting to boot.

Definitely something to think about.

Jon Uhler
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This is an excellent series.

I have been getting pretty interested in a photographer named Brian Smith. I have listened to a couple podcast that interviewed him and he has mentioned several times that one of the best pieces of advice that he ever got was from a photo editor that told him to go out and shoot 50 strangers. He says that he continues to do this almost yearly.

This series reminds me of that advice.

Very nice post.

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These are very sad and powerful images,

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Excellent series Liam! Number 8 is my favourite and 9 comes next. I also enjoyed reading about your train ride and how well you make tea!

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It is an excellent series of photos and I love the light and color.

Gerry Kerr
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Great set of images Liam, My favourites are 8 & 9 although you came close to a very powerful image in #5 (if only the girls face was visible) and #4 (a little bit more light in the guys face

#3 is a very strong character portrait - great emotional strength.

I do like the post processing -


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I haven't seen your work in a long time. Don't know if you haven't been posting or I haven't been looking. Anyways, these are phenomenal. Such a story told here and so much emotion in your photos. The color is rich and deep also.
1, 7, 8, 9, 10 are all really great in my opinion. The emotion and dignity in #1 is great.
My only real critique is that 4 looks like it has fake vignette on it and would possibly be better off not centered.

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Great serie !!
#8 ane #9 are my favourites. Strong pictures and great colours.
Love the portraits and the environmental ones.



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Nice set here, you capture the poverty well.

Everyone says they would enjoy traveling to these places, but I do travel to them and I don't enjoy it. The poverty is overwhelming and the filth is hard to imagine unless you are there. I've been in Bangalore twice this year and headed back in Jan/Feb time frame and am not looking forward to it. Maybe I'd enjoy it more if I wasn't also working, but there are just so many other (nicer) places I'd rather spend my time.

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Beautiful work, Liam! Great to see you post. I really enjoyed them all!

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not much to add here, these were all excellent. Bollywood sucks gave me a laugh! Thanks for sharing!

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