i1display2 Profiling monitor - brighter/darker cd/m2 profile?

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I am profiling my Macbook pro 13" with i1display 2 and suggested preset is 120 cd/m2(d65, 2.2 gamma).

However, I can only set brightness on Macbook to either 110cd/m2 or 136cd/m2. Should I profile at 120cd/m2 using 110 or 136? Or should I set custom target luminance at 136 cd/m2 and run the profile measurement? I often work in bright light situations like in my car or in indoor floursescent lit rooms.


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your eyes will adapt to whatever you set, but if you target for print i would use as low as possible.
if you target for internet i would set 136 or more, most people have TN monitors and high brightness set.

funny that you cannot set another brightness though, have you tried to enable DCC so i1 can control it by it self?

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I'm not certain that the i1d2 is suitable for your mb screen. It's an old model that does not work reliably with modern screen technology.

You'll find that 136 Cd/m2 looks better on-screen for most photos but unless you view your prints in direct daylight 110 Cd/m2 or lower will better match your screen to your prints. Not a perfect match, but better.