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Tim Kuhn
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I have been trying to catch up on organizing and cataloging lately. Seems I have a large folder from August of files I have processed but haven't posted. Here is the first round. As always all C & C is appreciated.


Tim Kuhn
Registered: Nov 29, 2006
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Country: United States

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A lovely set of images, Tim.

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#2,#3 and #4 are my favorate

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Well done Tim. All are very nice, but 2 stands out for the great detail. 7 and 8 are also noteworthy ~ Ron

Conrad Tan
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5 and 8 for me brother! Woohoo!!!!!!

Karl Witt
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#8 is a winner Tim, they don't get any better than the impact this one has in my book my friend, a dream shot buddy
I will 'nit' only because it is almost perfect, to refine it I would work out the circular spots that have a bluish cast to them, there are several and the ones directly over the back of Mom are the most noticeable. Now I want to apologize for picking on the shot because it blows me away otherwise..............and I don't say that often

Eagle juvi on logs with ropes and chains are sweet, so is that how you keep them there Nice light on them buddy!

Piper could use a bit more snap for me and a little less of the overpowering water, seems to be robbing from the subtle hues on the bird? Fancy feathers on this one

Great looking yellowlegs

Towhee looks a little magenta to me........gosh you are still my friend aren't you

Rail on a rail looking for? Splendid burst of color and a cool deep red eye to draw me in closer!

There you have it, me and my nits, what a pain I can be If I were only as good as I want to be

Geeeeez you see soooooo many cool things........great variety!
Karl the 'nit' Witt

Jonathan Huynh
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Nice series.

K mueller
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Great ones Tim! 5 stands out for me, love the lighting

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Wow, what a sweet series Tim!

The Yellowlegs was my first wow...all three of the Juvi BE are terrific, I especially love the light in #5 (second wow) and that cool pose in #6.
Third and biggest wow was the PBG's... the light is gorgeous, and the intimacy between momma and young one is fantastic buddy.

Great stuff Tim... man it's got to be a blast shootin' from the Yak.


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Fantastic set !! WOW , all beauties.


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#5 and 8 for me too. Really they're all great.

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very nice Tim .. i like them all

Larry Williams
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Your pot is full!

Does your 800mm ever come off your 1 DX ? Looks like a great combo.


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A very strong set Tim. PBG is my fave of the set, but all are pick worthy. Well done!

B Benson
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Great detail on all of these Tim, to class work as usual. Off to Yellowstone today, can't wait. Bruce

Mark Cronin
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Great stuff Tim.
7, 8 & 1 are my pick's.
All real nice.


Dennis M 1064
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Excellent stuff Tim

Number two. . .yup, I've had mornings like that.

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Good set Tim, I'm going with 8 too.


David Leask
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Beautiful set Tim. The last one really stands out for me. Well found in the archives

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