Thanks Giving Aurora

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Thanks Giving, I'll say! It was a crazy night!!! The show was underway around 9:30 pm MST and was still going strong @ 4:40 am MST. It was a very windy night and a chilly 4 degrees. Burrr! Gibbons, Alberta, Canada.

Check these out...Enjoy

1. Canon 5D2 ISO 1600, 6sec @f2.8, EF16-35mm @19mm

2. Canon 5D2 ISO 1600, 5sec @f2.8, EF15mm Fisheye

3. Canon 5D2 ISO 1600, 6sec @f2.8, Rokinon 14mm f2.8

4. Canon 5D2 ISO 1600, 5sec @f2.8, EF15mm Fisheye

Hope you like them. FYI - There might be another good chance for Aurora's again tonight.


It's ALL about the light.

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Nice set the first is my favorite.


Jim Bau
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Very nice set of aurora shots! #1 is my fav, followed by #4.

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Hey Zoltan,

How cool! I would agree with Jim, #1 is my favorite, followed by a scary looking #4!


Scott Stoness
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My favorite is 3. Then 1, then 2, then 4.

A little less foreground in 2 would improve it. And perhaps a little less exposure - do you have one to show with less exposure.

I missed this event because I was so tired from a great hiking/photography trip. Thanks for making me regret my sleep .

Thanks for sharing. Scott

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Great looking Aurora's.


Rob Tillyer
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A wild light show well captured.


Ariel Bravy
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These are so cool! Some are unlike anything I've ever seen before.

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Open mouth amazement....nuff said!!

Henry W
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WOW spectacular!!