Sundays set of IF's

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I met Garen and Russell for some morning shooting down at
the wetlands, things still are on the quite side with summer refusing
to give up for cooler temperatures.

Thanks for looking.


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A nice set Tim. The under wing reflection makes 1 my pick ~ Ron

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Great set Tim. Last one is my pick.

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Nicely done, Tim. The last is my favorite.

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Good work with the whites Tim! My pick is no.3.

Dennis M 1064
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Nice Tim. I like the symmetry of three.

Tim Kuhn
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Great job on the flyers Tim!!! I have to go with 2 as my pick of the set. Good to hear you guys got together


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Nice set Tim. The harrier is well framed. The egret shots are really well done. #2 is my pick of the set.

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a sweet set Tim .. the last one for me

David Leask
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Great shots Tim. The head on in #3 is rather special, well done.

Charlie Shugart
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Love the harrier shot, Tim.
Wow! She sure has long and narrow wings. I'm guessing that harriers are pretty swift fliers.

Steve Shinn
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Nice shots but thanks for saving me from making the trip....

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Great shots Tim!

Karl Witt
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Hey Tim is showing his 'whities'

#1 on my monitor seems a bit too bright??
#2 on my monitor really looks great!
#3 is rather artsy and I like it
#4 I must get in my viewfinder! Such a cool raptor.....

Breakfast at Woody's?

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Good to see the Three Amigos hangin' out again.

2 and 3 are my picks of the big white bird, and the Harrier looks great as ever...I was out there on Sunday afternoon and didn't see her.

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Nice pix, I love them! Thanks so much!

Jonathan Huynh
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Great sets.

Ed Robertson
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NICE real nice. Ed

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Fantastic set Tim !! I love number 3


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Nice work Tim., enjoy that nice weather!

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