Madagascar Part XXVIII

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Jumping spiders:

Moulting spider:

Orange moth:


Plated lizard:

Pink legged grasshopper:


Thanks for looking and commenting,

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Lovely series- esp like the spider shedding it's skin
Brian v.

michael kilner
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nice set

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great variety.

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Frog is top ! Bravo !

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Great shots but i think u should use a better light diffuser!There are too many bright spots!Andreloo

Jonathan Huynh
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Excellence series.

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Thanks guys, comments are always very appreciated!

Andreloo- diffusers are especially tough in the jungle for extended periods of time. The materials often get clouded over with fungus, rot or else fall apart and are crushed in the bag. Not to mention the excessive foliage such that a light tent type diffuser usually gets in the way.

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NIce set, esp like #3 spider with pray

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Great variety, very nice