Hippopotamuses- wild

Charlie Shugart
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Spotted in the Mara River- in Kenya's Serengeti Plain.

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You already know my love for the animals, Charlie.

I favor the second shot here for the timing on the yawn...or was he/she really letting out a noise?


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Very nice second image


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Very nice, Charlie but would't that be hippopotami?


Charlie Shugart
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Thanks T-bone, Joe and Kenny.
The "yawn" is probably a warning gesture, made by large males to remind all of their size (bigger IS better). With a few humans within 50-70 feet, it was probably also a sign of indecision. Hippos don't really know what to make of humans; we're so small, yet often act so unafraid. And their DNA doesn't include anything about us.
Sorry, Kenny, but hippopotamuses is correct (your way may also be acceptable).
That's why everyone calls them hippos- that way they don't have to worry about the complicated spelling OR what the plural is .

Alan Young
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I love Hippopopotamuses's, and the graet contrast


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Second for me.
Love the glistening wetness you have captured so well.

Did you make it to Tanzania? Thinking about safari.

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I could take the yawn for a big smile in the for the camera in the second picture.
Nice capture Charlie

Charlie Shugart
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Thanks Alan, Scott and Lazlo.
I didn't make it to Tanzania- just Kenya, where I went on a 2-week cheapskate camping safari.
The food was good as long as you liked scrambled eggs and toast for every meal. Plus we slept on the dirt, and used holes in the ground for toilets. My tent kept the water out except when it rained. Big deal.
Our Nissan van never got stuck; it had a pop-top that permitted us to stand when we were near wildlife, our driver/guide was excellent and accommodating to our desires, we went to several national parks and a real Masaii village, and I saw many good views of all the animals except leopard and rhinoceroses (which I regretted, but that was just the way it was).
Not a perfect tour, but for $500 (20+ years ago and arranged in Nairobi- not the US), I got good value and had a wonderful experience.

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Love the shot of jaws.