V+C engagement

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Had a tough time with this one. The couple decided to dress pretty casual for it, since it was more "them", which I was okay with, but I struggled a bit with using flattering angles in some shots. Anywho, they are big movie fans, so we got permission to shoot at a local theatre before they opened. Thanks for looking and im definitely open for C&C. (i dunno if its just me too, but blogstomp seems to have softened some shots a bit as well, does anyone see that?)




















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the tilt on a lot of these is bothersome for me but it is not terribly tilty..

great shots in the theater
I shot in a theater once and it was tough

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First time shooting with the 24 1.4, so I definitely went a little too tilty. I finally had some room to compose a little bit better without the crazy distortion of the 16-35, so I think that might have contributed to me trying to mix it up a bit. Duly noted though, and thanks for the feedback.

Meanwhile, I didnt know what I was missing with that lens until now. Love it.

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I agree that there's too much tilting but I'm guilty of doing that a lot too. Technically they all look great and I didn't notice any seeming soft at all. 19 could be great but it doesn't quite work. I had to really look close because at first I didn't even see them inside the car. The rest of the OCF stuff looks great. I love the theatre shots.

I think 3 and 6 might have been better had they not been taken from such a low perspective. Definitely have to be careful with that when it comes to people that are a little bit bigger. Nice set overall though, good job. I feel sorry for the guy if he's a Rockies fan though haha

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19 was tough, he had a little bit of tint on the car, and there was ALOT of glare, but they wanted the shot, but ill agree it doesnt quite work since I have to strain myself to see anything, I might underexpose it a bit more, see if that helps.

Thats definitely where I struggled, trying to find the right angles to shoot them at to make it look a little more flattering, so ill avoid the low perspectives next time for sure.

He didnt even know who the rockies were, he just liked the color purple haha, go figure. (but it could be worse, he could be a mets fan like me)

I felt the storytelling was decent at the theatre, but I definitely struggled outside of those shots. Im nowhere near the level of the guys on this forum, but I think I'll post more, and get more feedback, and hopefully improve, so thanks for your comments!

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hmmm this set leaves me feeling a little bit disconnected. In general I feel like the moments are almost there between them but the timing is just a bit off for the shots in general. I don't get the feeling of a natural connection, but of moments that they hadn't quite settled into yet. The general theme I like but the execution of the timing is just not quite there for me.

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Thanks for the feedback tdurnan.

When you say the execution of the timing, what in particular do you see that caught your eye that you might have done different? Do you mean I should have let things naturally occur to get shots with more organic feelings in them? (similar to some of the theatre shots)

This was their first time in front of a camera, and hell the first time they had even kissed in public (I was shocked to hear that), but overall I felt THEY did a good job of coming out of their shell, but maybe I didnt do the best job of portraying things, but thats why I posted this, I felt like something was "off" too. (they loved them, but i was bleh)