Into the West Away

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A remote slot canyon deep in the Arizona wilderness. I spent a week exploring to get to this spot, and encountered knee-deep mud, quicksand, a flooded slot canyon, and an enraged beaver (more of the story can be found here). The title was inspired by the last few lines of a Housman poem:

"Ensanguining the skies
How heavily it dies
Into the west away;
Past touch and sight and sound
Not further to be found,
How hopeless under ground
Falls the remorseful day."

EDIT: Since everyone seems to want to hear the beaver story, I have included it in my comment below.

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Great image, really like the sky reflection as it looks like the canyon goes down even deeper than the water line. Also the erosion of the canyon walls has some nice patterns. Looking closer, just above the sky reflection, appears to be a woman's face!

Rich T.

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Hey Ian,

This is a pretty cool shot. Lake Powell is on my list too, I almost made it there this year. I was a bit disappointed though as reading your intro about the enranged beaver, you said for more of the story to click on the link, but there was no more info about the enranged beaver story.


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Great shot Ian!
The bright sky reflection leads the eye through the canyon mimicking a path.
Thanks for sharing.

Rajan Parrikar
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In the last few days, I've seen a number of photos and thought to myself "people, please use the contrast and saturation sliders in moderation, don't do the moon crimes and so...". This has neither and I find it absolutely awesome. The cold blue streak leading to the warm yellow walls is breathtaking.

I'm wondering about the enraged beaver, since I find it hard to believe a beaver would live in a desert...

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I too was disappointed to find out no details of the battle between man vs wild - what happened to the beaver!?

Oh, the photo is fantastic!


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OK, here's the story about the beaver - it was actually in the slot canyon which was flooded with about five or six feet of water. I think it was trying to make the canyon its home - it had even gathered some sticks inside the slot. Everytime I tried to swim by it hissed at me and slapped its tail on the water. In a narrow slot only a few feet wide, I was reluctant to swim by - I was expecting an all-out attack like the rabbit scene in Mony Python's Holy Grail movie! I know, it was just a wet scraggly over-glorified rodent, but I scare easily. Eventually the beaver calmed down enough and let me swim by without viciously attacking me. True story.

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Ha ha... The killer rabbit scene from Monty Python explains it all. Now that would have been funny to watch.


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Awesome story to tell the kids :P

btw, do not under estimate the beaver. It can chomp down trees, it will make short work of your limbs


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Don't underestimate how nasty a snapping beaver can be. Google 83 year old woman and beaver...

I've come back to this a couple times because it's so lifelike and representative of how it really is. Some slots have fantastic light and texture, patterns - but also people. But this is like a grand discovery and you're on your own.

It's excellent.

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This is really an amazing shot. The reflection gives it so much more depth. Well done!


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A beauty. The still water and the color amaze.


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What a wonderfully different take on the slots!
Fred nailed it with the sky/path comment.


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Love the composition. Brilliant.

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Gorgeous shot!

As for beavers, you're pretty lucky. Some angry beavers made the news in my area this year after attacking 6 dogs (and killing one).

Harry C

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Most excellent!


Jim Bau
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Absolutely beautiful capture! Not sure I would have challenged Mr. Beaver myself, and I am prone to taking the occasional "Stupid Pill" when trying to get a shot. Being called "Stumpy" for the rest of my life would have kept me away after a few hisses and tail slaps! You are a brave soul, and it seriously paid off!!

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Excellent! Love the dimensions in this.

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LOVE this! Fantastic.