Part 2 - Elephants of Kenya & Tanzania

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Thanks for looking. C&C always welcome.

1. Ele Bottoms...

2. Herd March

3. Dusting off

4. Playing

5. Watering hole

6. Outside the balcony at Balilia lodge, beutiful facility being transformed to a Four Seasons

7. Elephant book ends

8. More play

9. Killamanjaro pose

10. The little one was so curious, he ran trunk up towards the water buffalo. When the buff turned momma stepped up behind the curious one... great moment

11. The blue balled monkey for a giggle.

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Nice set with a humorous ending. The rock formation to the right in No.6 almost looks like a reclining elephant.

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Really cool set of something I hope to see in person someday.
3, 5, and 8 are the standouts for me... well done.


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A nice set Brett. 8 is my pick of the big Es. About the last shot - I didn't realize it got that cold in Africa... ~ Ron

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Very ncie set Brett. 8 and 9 are my picks


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Brett, these are wonderful. 1 and 5 are my favorites. Last time I was in Tanzania I stayed at Balilia lodge. It is one of the best lodges in the park.

Charlie Shugart
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Other than their great size, I never felt very impressed by elephants.
Until I went to Masai Mara National Park in Kenya, and watched a few wild herds of them.
My feelings changed overnight! Gadzooks- they are impressive- and fun to watch.
An excellent set of images, Brett. Thanks for sharing them.

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Good stuff Brett! 3, 5 & 9 are my faves of the set.

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love your elephants Brett.. nicely done

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Nice set, such amazing animals. 5 and 8 are my picks.


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What wonderful images to share with those of us who would like to but can't!!

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Thank you all.... I agree Charlie... they make for some great "African Television"