Two varieties of Steller's Jay

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Not real big news to those of you who know your birds but this came as a mild surprise to me.
I took two shots of Steller's Jays, one near Mt. Lassen and the other at the Grand Canyon. The difference is rather obvious and when I checked my Sibley"s guide I found these are two varieties of the same bird. The one shot near Lassen without the white face markings is the Pacific variety while the one from the Grand Canyon has the white facial markings and is the Interior Western variety.

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Nice find and good comparison


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Nice shots Rodyon. As a "right coaster", I was not aware either ~ Ron

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News to me too. #2 is a sweet shot.

Tim Kuhn
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Great post Rodyon! I guess I have never seen the Interior variant up close enough to notice.


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Super detail Rodyon.


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lovely job on the jays Rodyon

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Very nice. Pretty birds.

Ted ellis
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Beautiful images!

B Benson
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Interesting facts and a nice set of imgaes Bruce