SoCal birds (8)

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Tim Kuhn
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While I was doing a bit of cleanup on the HD I felt compelled to process some shots. Hope you like them The Peli's are from January and the rest from late May.


Tim Kuhn
Registered: Nov 29, 2006
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Country: United States

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These are all great Tim. The back of a pelli's head is a unique view and I love the feather detail.


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I think they now have 12 step programs for people with compulsions like ours.

Wow Tim, #1 is super cool buddy... great pose, eye contact, and terrific BG... LOVE it!
#2 Hmmmm... cool detail for sure... but not feeling this one, probably just me.
#3 Another unique and cool pose, really like the dark BG too.
Thrasher is giving you a really good look... I have yet to see and/or photograph one of these.
Preening Ibis is beeeauuutiful... and the Avocets look like they were very cooperative for you... I like #8 bestest.

Yeah, SoCal burds can be pretty cool sometimes... excellent work in my backyard buddy!


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Superb work Tim. Love the first two. Second is a different take that works very well. Great light and texture.

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A very nice set Tim. 1 is a fun shot with a unique pose. Love the detail in 2, and the rest are very good too ~ Ron

Karl Witt
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Hold please.......

#1 Incredible richness of color and detail, gosh I like this on Tim!
#2 and just what on Earth caused this Kinda llke the backsides of a flower, you don't know what ya got til ya go there Way to go outside the box buddy....
#3 snazzy but my mind is racing with options
#4 such wonderful neutral warm hues, this is sweet my friend!
#5 its proximity in the frame is a bit 'angular' and tight for me
#6 interesting light from the front, has nice little nuances of reflections
#7 wipe your mouth please, thank goodness it isn't flying out of its nose This one struck me first as a little light and short on color and yes I have a bit of concern about the drool flinging about
#8 I prefer #7 thank you

Fine work Tim, truly a viewing pleasure of various treasures.......

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all are very nice Tim .. #1 is my favorite

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Nice to see some of your So. CA. shots Tim, I love the unique view of the Pelicans head in breeding plumage.
It's nice to review old shots to find what treasures we might have overlooked.
Another great set my friend.


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excellent work Tim.

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Great series...LOVE the drool.

David Leask
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Fabulous shots Tim. #7 is my favourite

Lars Johnsson
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Excellent Tim, love the Peli's and the Avocet chick

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Gee whiz Tim.. Smashing gorgeous efforts. Wow.


Martin Good
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Great set Tim and one can only wonder what other treasures you have on the HD.
Am still trying to figure out # 2.

Conrad Tan
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Oh man these are so damn nice! #7 is my pick of the litter!

Charlie Shugart
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Tim- The Peanut Gallery likes these pictures.

Thomas Sanders
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Always a treat when you hit that sock drawer buddy

Each of the Peli shots are a joy to see Tim, the detail, vibrant color and poses you nailed are magnificent These birds are so photogenic it must be a thrill to shoot them!

Thrasher bird another rare one to see on the board and so nicely done

Super preening pose and a backside full of color and light

Subdued light on the Avo is lovely and the smooth water action adds buddy!

Last two Chicks lookin sweet and really like the dribbler

Killer set from down south brutha


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Outstanding set Tim, those Pelicans are super.


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Excellent set as always Tim

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