Few Elks +1

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All from Yellowstone NP.

1. Bugling Bull Elk early in the morning

2. Different angle

3. At dusk

4. Young bull showing off




8. Bull elk protecting the herd from an intruder

The last one was my first attempt at shooting the milky way.
( this was cross posted at Landscape forum)

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Beautiful images each and every one Harsha... 1, 3, and 7 are my favorites of the Elks... I really, really like #3.
Fantastic job on Old Faithful against the Milky Way... wonderful composition.
Excellent work very well done.


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Fantastic set Harsha! The Milky Way is super cool

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Great stuff Harsha. 1 and3 for me, but the last shot is not only nice, but I've never seen those subjects in the same shot ~ Ron

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Excellent set Harsha. Numbers 1 & 8 stand out for me. The star shot is neat too.

Jude Perera
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Very nice captures Harsha.


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These are 1st rate Harsha Hard to pick one as a favorite, but I have to go with #8, great action capture! And of course old faithful geyser under the milky way galaxy is a stunner


Mark Cronin
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All real nice Harsha,
The Milky Way is extraordinary.


Tim Kuhn
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Very nicely done Harsha, these are very well executed. The first is a truly powerful shot, I got a chuckle out of 4, 8 is quite menacing and the Milky Way shot rocks


Rob Tillyer
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Great job Harsha, 2 and 8 are my favourites.


Karl Witt
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Man of many talents with a camera, your visions are delightful Harsha. I thoroughly enjoyed the room you gave the Elk in your comps, #2 is stellar and the light in #3 is what being out in nature is all about

Wonderful imagery and my gosh your Milky Way is 'way' cool my friend!


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Great work!!!! Wonderful!!!

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Wonderful images...

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Very well done, Harsha.
I love the setting of the Elks and the great light.
Your "attempt" of shooting the milky way looks fantastic.

Charlie Shugart
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Terrific stuff, Harsha.
Your first image of the young male looks like he's thinking, "If I hold still, maybe the big guy won't notice me."
As I said on the other forum- your Milky Way is delicious.

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These are very nice...

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a great set Harsha

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Gotta love all of these! I really like the intruder chase off. Shows a lot of emotion there! But then you went and posted the Milky way shot.... That is really great!

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hey harsha - the first shot with him looking into all that space is really nice. great to see the animal in so much of its natural habitat. the rest are really nice as well, great light on these magnificent beasts.


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Wonderful shots Harsha. What a treat you gave us

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