Should I give this to client or delete?

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I hate giving unfocussed shots but I am so torn between this one. I normally take more than one just to make sure I have something but this time, the bride moved and I didn't get any other shot

Dump it? Deliver it?

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Inku Yo
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Not a keeper.

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No context or story told, it is just a blurry picture of the bride. I am sure you have several more of her that are in focus.

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thanks guys. dumped!

Yes, I've got tons of great shots of her

Ian Ivey
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I usually apply my old rule for hiring to decisions about delivering images as well: if it's not a definite "yes," it's a definite "no."

The exception is when the question is whether it qualifies as artsy in some weird way. I infer that this is your question here -- whether to deliver a soft image because it nevertheless renders her in a pleasing way? If so, then I see your problem, and I come down 60% on the deliver-it side.

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bit bucket

M Lucca
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I am stunned that you didn't even cull it out from the get go and go on to consider giving it to the client.

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tobicus wrote:
Not a keeper.


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If it was a bit more out of focus, it might have looked intentional...this just looked like a miss. Personally, I love well executed out of focus shots...I wish I had the knack of pulling them off more

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I dunno. I remember what I was told a long time ago. If it's a little out of focus its a mistake, if its a lot out of focus its art. I kinda like like.

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Dump it because that will be the shot she'll want jumbo sized. Happens every time!

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Add a motion blur to it then a texture and then some digital noise then place it over a black background and set opacity to 30%. Maybe crank up the saturation after all of that.

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deliver 16x24