Meet Paige *NSFW*

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I met page about two years ago and had a good first shoot. I had a few other shoots including one at the end of December. Here's a few of those images

Go "Meet Paige"


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IMHO the 1 is the best,
I love the "top" part of 3.
Good job!

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better than your last "Meet Sera" post. in my opinion 2 and 4 are not good. the full frontal pose is not flattering with this model. 1 and 3 are nice though. with some work 3 could be really good. her thighs get dark and muddy in number 3 that makes me want to avoid that part of the image.

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I really like 1 and 3; nice lighting and poses.

I find the pose in 2 uninteresting but I disagree with killersnowman that frontal pose isn't flattering with the model. The model is a bit athletic (the definition in her abs/obliques is shown better in 4 because of the shadows) so I'd argue that it works for her.

4 is fun photo, but like #2 I'm not really digging it for some reason. But as noted above, I do like the lighting on this one as she doesn't appear quite as flat.