Galapogos Islands

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I am thinking of going to that part of the world next year, Ecuador/Peru/Chile and I was wondering if anybody here has been and if so what is a good time of year for macro. Towards the start of the season would probably be best and I could ease into the summer and leave when it gets too hot, or just go south along the coast - is my current thinking. But I am flexible.

I am not up to mountain climbing, or bashing through the jungle any more but I would like the opportunity of seeing and capturing some of the exotic insects of the region and seeing some of the non tourist sights. So if anyone has been or even lives in the region I would appreciate some direction.

I know I can find out everything I need to know on my computer but I still prefer good old recommendations, places to go, see and stay. A particularly good guide book, on a budget but not camping or slumming it. I will of course be carrying some camera gear, laptop, etc, etc.

So security is a consideration, with occasional bandwidth for uploads to sites, and I would prefer to hire a vehicle cheap and stay at small local places rather than bigger towns. Definitely no group tourism, not of the usual kind anyway.


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Galapagos: being +/- equatorial, the seasons are not so much hot or cold.

Our northern (temperate) summer months are the coolest there and this coincides with the main part of the dry season. December to May is the hot, wet season. The dry season extends into September and October which is a tourist low season.


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Thanks Harold.

I live just below the tropic of Capricorn - about 2,000K's below the Equator. The seasons here are more marked than I would expect on the Equator but there is still a difference.

It's the bug season I care about, and to avoid the tourists if possible, they may overlap of course. I sure don't want to be there on the Equator for the Wet in the tropical heat, it's bad enough in Brisbane.

I have been looking and am leaning towards March/April/May departure (I am free to do as I please for a while) to arrive in Santiago/Chile, there it would be pretty much off tourist season - I suspect - and towards the end of the macro season there - though the wet mountain ranges may make a big difference to what I find at that latitude here in Brisbane, have a look around and depending on what I find eventually start up towards Lima, maybe even cross the Andes to La Paz (around lake Titicaca) - Cuzco/the interior on the way. Then up the coast for a bit to perhaps turn around in Ecuador.

Would sure like to hear from any macro tog who has gone this way, off tourist season.