one last heron shot - no moon this time!

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well, my 7D had been acting up a bit so i sent it back to canon to be serviced (it was not focusing properly and all my shots were soft at best and OOF at worst). it is performing MUCH better now, more like when i first got it. this is the same heron as yesterday. it was nice that the bird sat still as i switched my rigs around......

the colors that come out of the two cameras are quite different now that i look at the photos out of each side by side. any thoughts on this? i am not worried about making the images look more similar - should i be?

i actually came back in and posted the head shot (full frame!) from the 1D that i posted yesterday to show the color differences.



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The first image has a nice spotlight look. I quite like it. As for color, I couldn't tell which is more accurate without having the bird in the same light sitting right in front of me.

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With 6 minutes between the imags the lighting may have changed. I recomend you crop the first as close to the second as posible before evaluating so your mind dose not play with color related to enviroment. I thnk the second is a little more red. What RAW converter? Dose this happen if you shoot JPEG? It's a minor difrence. You could go to a gray card or equivlent for settign manual color blance.


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yeah morris i agree, its minor and i like both images. wow - you certainly know how to mine the info out of the exif data! i don't think i know how to find the time info. i just rely on what folks post with the image (i.e. below it).

i do all my processing in lightroom as i am not well versed at all with other programs. i am not good with computers and for me i like doing everything in one program. nothing is scarier to me than a "plug in". i have no idea what there and how they work. people on this board appear to do different elements of their processing in different programs. this is simply terrifying to me! i am sure my images would benefit from better PP but i have no idea where to start.

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Beautiful images Dorian!


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Wonderful photos! I love the detail seen in the headshot in particular!

As for the color differences, have you looked to see if both camera's had the same white balance settings? If you left them on AWB, then I'd expect a difference in color temp. I would not worry too much about it, or just make them the same WB in post processing.

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Sweet shots, dorian! I'm with Ken- that "spotlight" look in #1 is cool.

Tim Kuhn
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Nice dramatic lighting Dorian. Lucky you on getting a cooperative subject allowing you to experiment. The two bodies use different sensors so you would expect the colors to be different. I wouldn't worry about rather be aware of each cameras strengths and weaknesses. The mk4 has a far wider dynamic range and shots like this really play into that strength.


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very nice light on the subject. I think a little lift in background detail would make it better. just my opinion

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Two great shots Dorian with very nice light in both and different perspectives from different cameras and set ups.
I would agree with Tim in not being overly concerned about the differences except to know the capabilities of both cameras and what you like best in them.

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both are lovely Dorian

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2 really amazing shots. I'm sure Tim is right on this. The mkIV seems like its displaying the range of colors a little better. This is probably just a bit of an advantage that the mkIV has on the 7D, although that shot looks great too. I wouldn't worry about it

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I like the shot a lot Dorian. The hint of water adds to the shot for me ~ Ron

BTW, I don't think any 2 different bodies will give the exact same color rendition.

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As a technical expert, Dorian, let me say they both are good pictures .