Old Faithful under Milkyway

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This is my first attempt at photographing milky-way. I wish I had a wide angle F2.8 lens but I think 16-35 F/4 did ok.
Any tips on PP milky-way images are greatly appreciated.


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This is an excellent photo. The water even bends the saw way as the milkyway, excellent composition


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You nailed it - wonderful.
It is a matter of taste, but I would try to adjust the color balance of the sky just a bit for some blue. Not sure what the d800 looks like for noise at 6400, would be interested in what Jim's experience is.

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Wow Harsha, killed it buddy


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Hey Harsha,

What a sweet shot! I took a similar shot 2 years ago, it's a fun shoot. What is your question about how to process this shot?

As to David's question, the D800 does great at ISO 6400, but the key, like with all star shots is to not to underexpose it too much. Its with the underexposing that noise comes in, so being sure to bump the iso up as needed, like in this case, will help give star shots with minimal noise. The other thing I do is I process the the star shots in ACR, I have found that ACR does a better job with eliminating color noise in dark star shots than Capture NX2 does.


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Nice shot. Love the curves.


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Very cool.

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Very sweet shot.

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cool :-)

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What a unique take on 2 very photographed subjects, very nice.


Jude Perera
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Lovely capture Harsha.


Hikin Mike
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Great job!

Charlie Shugart
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Oh, WOW!
Harsha, this is an outstanding image by any measure.
A real triumph.

Scott Stoness
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Great job. This kind of shot requires lots of planning and execution and persistence to achieve luck. Congratulations. Thanks for sharing. Scott

John Richter
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Wonderful shot here, Harsha. Makes me want to visit there again. Maybe go to the cooler side to put in a hint of blue to your great night sky. Very nicely done.


Wayne Willison
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Wonderful imagte. Just the right amount of light on the ground as well.


Rob Tillyer
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Super image Harsha.


Fred Miranda
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The bright and intriguing foreground leads the eye to this incredible Milky Way image.
Just wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

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very cool!

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splendid...awesome even!!

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