3 flyers from the last 3 days

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Thomas Sanders
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Hummers in October

Oh crap I posted a Hummer
delete delete

Exif Intact

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Three stunning images Tom.

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Really lovely set, Tom. I especially liked #1.

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Wowies Tom!

Mark Cronin
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These are all nice Tom...
But a Kingfisher in flight??
I'm happy to get one sitting still.


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I looked at the first shot and thought, "I hate you Tom". Well, not really but that's a great KF IF shot. And I know how hard they are to come by. Almost forgot - the other shots are very nice ~ Ron

Cincy Bruce
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Fantastic set Tom!


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Hi Tom,

The first and last are stunners with the last being my pick. The second is a wonderful moment. Can you do something to separate the hawk better from the background?


Herb Houghton
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That's two fliers and one buzzer Nice set all three Tom.

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Three beauties Tom!

Tim Kuhn
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You could have called this set 3 zingers! 3 super shots shots Tom Kudos on the KF, I think you have that guys number!!!! The background on RTH is wonderful and harbinger of whats just around the corner for us


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All three of these are excellent shots. Not only technically but in presentation too.
Good stuff.

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Super nice job on the demon bird buddy... 1/5000 froze the flaps down perfectly... great exposure, sweet BG... you 'da man.
RTH launch against another great BG is fantastic... love the head angle and eye contact Tom.
I don't think it's a crappy hummer at all...

Diggin' the flyers Tom... excellent work.


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very nice Tom.. #1 for me

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Tom, three excellent images and I go with #1 as favorite.
Very hard to get - very well done.

Howard Kearley
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oh yeah top shots!!
love them


David Leask
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KCollett wrote:
Three beauties Tom!

My thoughts exactly

Karl Witt
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Trifecta of pleasures Tom, gosh those colors all work so well on the KF

#2 really nice when the light hits just where it needs to to bring out the eye, great launch shot and a nice comp on it too and the BG dark works very nicely here sir

You still got hummers? Lucky you


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Wow Tom amazing shots all three of them
The KF is my pick of the set, fantastic!


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Can't seem to get enough of the KF shots.
Very nice images.


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