Storm Clouds & Sunset at Glacier Point

Hikin Mike
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I planned on photographing the moon Friday afternoon from Glacier Point. Unfortunately clouds obscured the moon. Went for plan "B" instead...

5D, 17-40, ISO 100, f/11, 1/50

5D, 17-40, ISO 100, f/11, 1/4

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I do enjoy it when that happens to the sky in Yosemite. I prefer the comp in #1, but that color in #2 is fabulous. I really like the continuation of the line from Cloud's Rest to the bottom of the cloud and blue sky in #2.


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#1 has a more classing feel to it so its my preference.
Nice lemonade!
I hope to get up there in the next 3 weeks or so.


Hikin Mike
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I bounced back and forth with composition that afternoon. I have one that included the rocks/tree to the bottom right (not shown obviously) too. I'll post those when I get them processed.

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Great shots. I like #1 better.

Charlie Shugart
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Mike- Plan B worked fine.
I like both, but the delicate colors of the second image give it the win.

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Hey Mike,

Don't you wish that Plan B always turned out this well? Very nice work on both of these, love the sunset color in #2.


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I agree with Jim.

If plan B was always this good, I'd take B always!

Both are lovely Mike. I just like #1 for its light spots.


Tuan Le
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Both very nice takes from Glacier Point Mike. Plan A hardly ever happens for me.

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Mike , nice images , I like the dapple light and comp in #1 and the color in #2 so each stands on it's own for me win/win. Regards,

Vern Dewit
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I love the color in #2 so that's the one for me!