XRite ColorMunki vs. Eye1 Display Pro

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So, I got a coupon for 20% off all Xrite products at newegg and they have decent rebates going on right now, so I figure now is the time to stop borrowing my co-worker's Spyder2.

For those in the know, what are the differences between the ColorMunki Display(colorimeter, not spectrophotometer), and the Eye1D Pro? With coupon and rebate, they come to $100 for the ColorMunki D, and $150 for the Eye1D Pro. Is the Eye1D Pro worth the additional $50?

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It's the same hardware. The difference is in the software capabilities and the speed at which it executes. From what I hear, the Colormunki is something like 5x slower than the Pro and you dont get some advanced functions/settings (like setting the CIE x/y points).

Also, XRite doesn't allow 3rd party companies access to the the ColorMunki.

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Might I ask where you got the 20% off coupon? Thanks!

Dennis M 1064
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Have you looked at Spyder 4 Pro?

I believe the 4 is a pretty new update, so you may not find deep discounts. Mine was $169.