My Day at the Orchard

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Hi, Gang -

I somehow got this rep as a senior portrait and family photog this past year, and it has kept me busy.
As some of you know, I also have a wife with some very serious medical conditions which have taken me to a new level of time and attention.
Anyhow, I've managed to lurk here during slow work periods and at night, and I've enjoyed many postings.
My wife had a good day today, and I was able to get away for a nice afternoon at a local farm for a burger, live music, and some candid shots.
Not great shots, but fun for me to just be out doing non-posed stuff and enjoying our great weather.
Thanks for the looks! All shot with Leica 4 D-Lux. Kept the big gear home!

1. High Country Orchard. 3 shot HDR.

2. I'm watchin' you, Mister!

3. Busted Candid!

4. If looks could kill

5. Clint Eastwood took my chair

6. Toy, or tilt-shift effect?! It's real!

7. Senior Portrait?

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nice pics tbone, I like 2 for the looks, and that baby staring at the lens is great. That 7 is also great, nicely composed. It looks like the Leica can bring in a good picture


Bob Jarman
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Wonderful, fun set.

Best to your wife.



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Sorry to hear about your wife. I am glad you had a bit of a breather and got out.
As Bob said, nice fun set!

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Glad you could get out for some fun and share it with us Tim.
May your wife continue having good days.

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Thank you all for commenting, and for you kind well-wishes!
I do very much appreciate it!