It Will Make Your Hare Stand Up

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Hello Everyone,

A couple of images from the back yard. I was attempting to get a pic of this rabbit, which was sitting under my cherry tree. I was laying down for the shot, and I was getting close enough to get a decent shot when it started hopping away (or so I thought). It went a short ways and stood still, but much closer to me. With the 400 on my 7D, it was getting pretty close to the minimum focal distance (4.2 metres away). It hopped a bit further and posed for the second shot before taking off.

1. Hare Raising - There is a bit of a green tint to the fur around the mouth. Not sure it is a reflection or actual staining from eating grass.
2. Starting To Turn White On The Back - Winter is coming. My house is reflected nicely in the eye on this shot.
You may leave comments if you wish. Thank you for looking.


Jude Perera
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Ken, the first one has very unusual and unique angle. Love the 2nd one and it's my favorite. Good job.


David Leask
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Nice shots Ken. #2 is my favourite. It's tough not to smile when I look at it.

Howard Kearley
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He's cute!
Staining from the grass (just like horses)


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Nice shots Ken, my vote goes to no.1, really like the eye and the angle of the head in that one. Paul.

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I like 1 Ken, but 2 is my pick, but just by a hare... ~ Ron

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These are a delight Ken.


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What a delight! Love the look he is giving you in the first one


Mark Cronin
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Nice detail on these Ken,

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Two beautiful shots, Ken.
That back light in #2 is very cool.

Rob Tillyer
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Sharp as a tack Ken, very nice. And yes winter is definately on the horizon.


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How funny, the rabbit must want to make sure you got his best side. Great detail, and I like the expression on the first shot. The back lighting on #2 is very nice!

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Very nice shots. Even the second shot has nice shadow detail and rim backlighting.

Ernie Aubert
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Well done.

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i like em both alot

diff looks, well done

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couple of great shots Ken

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he looks very dignified. very nice ken....


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Hi Ken,
Nice shots. It looks healthy and like the ones we have in the Maritimes.

Ted ellis
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Very, very nice Ken!

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