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big breast
thin waist
big patpat
and with a fork
this little bug is interesting ~

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It certainly is, and you did a good job capturing it.

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what a cool bug!
great find and capture.

michael kilner
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amazing looking critter,nicely done

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What a stunning subject for macro!

They are supposed to be tropical. The family are parasitiods of ants, one of the few groups to target ants. Each species specialises in a genus of ants.


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Wow that's cool

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Wonderful captures but find the signature very distracting
Brian v.

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Wonderful little wasp! These guys are quite tiny so you did a very nice job. Agree with Brian about the sig. and maybe it's just my monitor, but I find them a bit warm.


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Excellet macro shot!!
I quote Brian for the signature

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Thanks Douglas , Denis, Michael, Harold , twistedpuppy, Brian, Paul and rocco61

Harold: I found it in HK, it is prefect for Macro but... due to it large breast, it is hard to fit the hold wasp into DOF ( and I failed >.<

LordV, Paul and rocco61 : yeah~ I agree my signature is distracting but it seems it would be better to add a un-removable signature....(just found one of my photo is used without inform me by a site last week )

Paul : yes, I also think this set of photo is a bit warm and the lighting is not good

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Nice shots.