Crater Lake Sunset Pano

Jim Bau
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I shot this pano on Sept 1st on my first visit to Crater Lake. Forest fires in Northern California gave the skies incredible color at sunset. There were still a few pockets of snow remaining on the north-facing shoreline. 14-Shots stitched together in Photoshop.

C&C are always welcomed!

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look!

Mitchell Derr
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I like this because it is different. I like these "shadow" type shots. Sometimes shots give too many detail; this one is very nice.

Travis Rhoads
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I like it, makes me wish Crater lake had been open when I was there. I would be tempted to clone the white spots on the left, they distract from the silhouette of the shoreline.

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Very nice Jim, it looks darn good to me.
Is this a single row?


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This is just my opinion; take it for whatever you think it's worth.

I think it's a very pretty photograph; you captured unusual light in a pretty scene, very well.

That said, I think Crater Lake is the most serenely beautiful place I've ever seen (and I've seen a lot of very beautiful places), and I'm afraid that this photo has a generic look to it that doesn't perhaps take full advantage of the incredible and unusual beauty of Crater Lake.

Again, JMO.

Tim Knutson
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Outstanding, now GET IT PRINTED.
And don't get cheap with some little bitty thing.
Think big, own the wall!!

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that's beautiful

David Leask
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Beautiful shot Jim, the colours and silhouettes are just perfect

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Love this image Jim, thanks for sharing!