Leor Zahavi:reqire recommendation for DSLR digital camera

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Hi everybody,
i am Leor Zahavi, looking for a DSLR camera for general photography. Please suggest me some latest model having all the advanced features.


Leor Zahavi

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Any latest model DSLR is good for general photography.
Some are better than the other ones.
Me thinks.

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Hello Leor and welcome to the FM community. Give us some idea of your budget and what types of general photography you enjoy, e.g., landscapes, portraits, sports, etc. and we can guide you better.

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DPReview is a great site, very useful but can also be pretty technical.

Steves Digicams has a more conversational tone, with good information, insights and reviews.

Once you find cameras that interest you, check the forums here for discussions about specific models and uses.

Don't know your budget, but one approach might be to start with a model that is a couple years old --- experiment and decide what you like, want and need --- then go from there. At that point those camera and lens forums will mean even more.

One caution though: be careful on the FM B&S board --- deal with established members with feedback and follow Freds recommendation to use regular Paypal not 'gift'.

Finally, spend time looking through the image forums --- as noted above there is one for every interest. In reading them you'll see some great work and in the comments and discussions in the threads are a real education.

All the Best