Orb Weavers

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Took a walk in marsh and it was abundant with these golden silk orb weavers. They were EVERY place, even hanging 30-50 ft up in the trees. Kind of freaked me out

These are not the same orb weaver , but three different ones within 100 feet of one another. They really were everywhere !

I hope you can see the golden tone to the silk threads in places.

Also found a spiny orb weaver.

Hope you enjoy.


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A very pretty set of images, Birdie. #1 is my pick of this bunch.

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Wonderful series of captures Birdie
Brian v.

michael kilner
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lovely set esp like no 3

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great set birdie.
congrats on the spiny.

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Very good shots, like them all! I think u should pass a noise reduction and clone some spots, especially in the 2nd!

M Vers
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Nice--that first shot is killer!

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Great shots, esp like the last one. Agree with the noise reduction.

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very nice images Roberta

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These are great Birdie!